You might say Eric is a renaissance man, not merely for his love of the classics—from vintage typography and signage to the Original X-Men—but for his creative versatility, spectrum of experience, and mastery of the visual message.
As a kid inspired by comics, he taught himself to draw, then found his calling when a high school love of screen printing (on t-shirts, mostly) put him on the path to a B.S. in Graphic Design from the New England Institute of Art. That was 2006, and he’s been creating his own inspired design ever since.
For Oxygen Network. World Wrestling Entertainment. Nickelodeon. 
Major League Baseball. For AKA, crafting live advertising experiences for the best
in entertainment. Whatever the arena that excites an audience, Eric has been there. Done that. Crushed it.
Always pushing his own creative limits, Eric is as passionate about pixels as traditional art. He’s been exhibited and published. He’s taught others design online. He cooks, and is training his dog to brainstorm. And now he brings that same multidisciplinary mastery to bear on all manner of diverse, dynamic solutions
for any and all of his clients.
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